Need help with your taxes?

At CTS, we offer comprehensive tax preparation services by a team of professional tax advisors.

Tax Preparation Services Include:

• Individual Returns
• Small Business Returns
• Fiduciary Returns

CTS specializes in complex tax returns including:

• Rental Properties
• Personal Property
• Sophisticated Investments
• Multi-state
• Trust Income Tax Returns

Our business tax preparation services cover LLCs, partnerships and corporations, including Sub-S returns. As part of this process our tax advisors can assist with your with payroll, W-2 and 1099 forms.

We welcome nonprofits and foundations as well!


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Need more tax help?

Couple working on tax preparation

Past returns

Unfiled tax returns put you at risk for expensive penalties from the IRS. Even if you are unable to pay the tax due, it is important to files your return as soon as possible to minimize the penalties.

Our tax advisors can work with you to file any returns that have gone unfiled from previous years. We help our clients catch up and get current.


Tax Planning

No one likes paying taxes. We understand and want to help you reduce your tax bill.

Even if you are comfortable preparing your own taxes, our tax advisors can review your tax returns and other financial plans and offer you guidance on tax reduction strategies.

This applies to small business and individuals or families!

We will also meet with you mid-year to assess the accuracy of your estimated payments. These estimated payments can go up or down depending on your actual income received. 

woman working on tax preparation
Couple working on tax preparation

Tax Resolution

Getting a letter from the IRS can be scary. We can help.

CTS tax advisors will help mitigate letters from the IRS or states demanding increased tax, interest or penalties. 

Often those letters are sent in error and can be addressed without paying additional taxes. If taxes are owed, we will assist in setting up payment plans for taxes due.

At CTS we understand taxes are stressful. Our profession team of tax advisors help take the confusion out of tax preparation.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist with your tax preparation needs.

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